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Botanical Bundle

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This decadent bundle features our most decadent, moisturizing products for healing of damaged skin and nourishing dehydrated cells.



8oz Botanical Body Butter 

This luxurious souffle is made with a tropical blend of exotic butter and oils specially formulated to nourish and replenish skin. Smooth and soften skin from head to toe as you wrap yourself in decadent shea butter and moisturizing coconut oil. The gentle essential oil blend is sure to provide a soothing aromatic experience as you indulge in nature’s finest ingredients.

2oz Botanical Barrier Repair Cream

Rebuild and replenish your skin’s natural barrier with the rich omega fatty acid-fortified cream. Ceramides, amino acids, and sodium hyaluronate lock in moisture while our botanical blend of shea butter and evening primrose smooth and restore damaged skin cells. Your skin is sure to drink up all this goodness leaving it feeling soft, plump, and renewed.

4 oz Botanical Cream Cleanser 

This gentle non-foaming cream cleanser uses the cleansing and refreshing power of eucalyptus to offer a deep clean without the stripping effects of soaps or sulfates. Shea butter, cucumber, and aloe soothe dry irritated skin while sodium hyaluronate packs in moisture leaving skin soft, plump, and supple.

8oz Botanical Skin Conditioner

This lightweight formula is both moisturizing and restorative. Packed with the antiseptic power of tea tree oil and the conditioning effects of shea, it is sure to combat acne and give your skin that luminous sun-kissed glow. Organic virgin coconut oil acts as a sealant to lock in moisture and provide a protective shield.