About Aini Organix

We have been conditioned to believe Africa is a desolate continent, stricken by poverty and lacking resources. The contrary is true. Africa is a land of resource and wealth. Here at we are a direct reflection of the abundance of these rich lands.

Aini Organix celebrates the beauty, wealth, and luxury of the continent of Africa. We believe that pampering yourself with the earth’s richest gems is imperative. We spare no cost and cut no corners when it comes to the quality of our products. With our opulent organics, experience the finer things in life and treat your skin to Mother Nature’s liquid golds. 


  • To celebrate the richness of African cultures as well as the culture of the diaspora.

  • To empower the artisans who harvest and make our products. Our goal with Aini Organix is to give these people (particularly women) an opportunity to change the course of their lives by paying them what they deserve.

  • To encourage a low toxicity lifestyle. We believe that our body works best when we use what God put on this earth naturally and no medicine is stronger than what comes from the soil.