New Moon, New Me: The Truth about Tachyphylaxis and Skin addictions

We’re currently halfway through summer, but for some reason I feel as if a brand-new season is already upon us. Per google, this feeling of turnover may be caused by tonight's blood moon. This solar eclipse will be the longest of years and believed to usher in a new wave of change. Times like this we are supposed to look straight forward and leave things of the past in the past. We should apply these principles to or social and professional lives, but I also believe your skincare routines needs to be updated from time to time. No matter how attached you are, there are a few real reasons why your skincare routine should be updated regularly.Tolerance builds upTachyphylaxis is a fancy word that basically describes your skin building up a tolerance to things that it’s exposed to frequently. That explains why that face wash that use to kill all your acne in a day now takes, a week and that oil balancing toner doesn’t balance quite as much. When we oversaturate our skin cells with anything, they become less sensitive and the reaction becomes less potent. Take a look at your skincare collection (and your life) and ask yourself “does this even still work for me?” If not, put it to bed. You can always decide later if you want to revisit it in the future. Every 6-8 months it is advised that you switch up your skincare routine to avoid building up a tolerance and it’s a great excuse to go product shopping.Over dependencyIn many cases the reverse happens, and our skin becomes dependent on certain products. The extra’s we’ve added to our routine become addictive and our skin forgets how to function without them. An example of this could be a situation in which you used an oil-fighting face wash, although you never had super oily skin. Your skin will become so accustomed to the ingredients in that face wash that now when you don’t use the face wash you are oilier than you ever were before. Your skin develops a dependency on these products and the things that it use to do to balance your oil, it has stopped doing completely. Our bodies should have some sort of self-correction mechanism and in many cases, these mechanisms become lazy when we introduce too many “helpers”. Get rid of some of the unnecessariness in your routine and watch your skin bounce back stronger than ever.Take this pivotal time to reflect on the things in your routine that are no longer working and the things that may be working more than they should. I pray that this new season provides more life, blessings, happiness and peace to you and yours.-Drea