Came Through Drippin’: Why Gold is the ULTIMATE Skin Addiction

One of the biggest trends in beauty right now is gold-infused skincare. There’s tons of beauty bloggers and editorials hyping up the benefits of this ancient mineral and naturally these products are pretty expensive. So are they worth the extra coin? My answer is YES! We’re indulging in this opulent skincare all 2018 and here’s why.Gold has been a skin addiction across many cultures for many years. Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure everything and legend has it that Cleopatra stayed dripped in pure gold for a radiant complexion. If it was good enough for Queen Cleo than it is definitely good enough for meIf you want to restore youth and protect your skin from aging you need a powerful antioxidant. Gold is a natural antioxidant agent. Antioxidants protect skin by limiting free radical damage that instigates fine lines and signs of aging. Therefore, gold infused products promote youthful, healthy glowing skin.Besides the anti-aging properties of gold, this precious metal will have your skin glowing on a cosmetic level. Gold will leave you with a natural highlight and a glowing tint that is great for even sensitive skin. Use a gold-infused serum before applying make-up for a soft luminance or if you’re going makeup free rub a couple of drops on cheekbones.                  Gold also happens to be an anti-inflammatory agent; benefiting reactive skin types that struggle with acne and redness. On top of that it promotes skin collagen regeneration and cell turnover, so a gold infused scrub would be perfect for combating cellulite and strawberry skin. Wash skin with warm water (in shower works best) and with exfoliating scrubs gently scrub yourself from head to toe with your favorite gold scrub. I'm definitely here for the D R I P.