Bae-less Vday: a DIY self-pampering session

If you don’t have a bae this Valentine’s Day don’t worry. The greatest and most important love is love for yourself and what better way to express that love this Valentine’s Day than an at-home spa day. This pampering session can be done with or without bae, all at once, or split up over a weekend of Netflix, pizza and wine.Light some candlesAromatherapy is a great way to set the mood for date night with yourself. Keep it clean with a natural soy wax candle. My current personal fave is BLUSH by Lit Brooklyn. It’s described as “black girl magic personified” on their website which happens to be the best smell ever so you can’t go wrong.  Floral, vanilla and chamomile scents usually are great for setting the vibe.Pour a glass of wineI suggest something fruity yet a not too sweet. Maybe a dry Riesling or a pretty pink Rosé to stick with the V-day theme. Keep it at a two-glass max to eliminate any possibility of drunk texting.Face SteamThis simple step will open up pores and calm dry irritated skin. Fill a big bowl ¾ of the way with steaming hot water and throw in two bags of chamomile tea and 5 drops of lavender, rose or citrus oil. Drape a towel over your head as you position your face over the bowl. Do this for 10 minutes. Make sure to leave an opening to breathe and sip on your wine.Full Body ScrubExfoliating gloves work great for this step. Start with a soap-based scrub on your face since pores should already be opened. Use circular motions to scrub away weathered skin and stress. Grapefruit essential oil in the Black Soap Rejuvenation Scrub will clarify skin and detoxify pores.  Close pores with a quick splash of cold water and spritz of a toner. Rinse off gloves and move to an oil-based scrub for the body. Nothing screams love and decadence like gold. Your body will glow like never before after a vigorous scrub down with the Gilded Glow Sugar Scrub. To avoid making a mess, stand in the tub. Starting from your feet and using circular motions scrub every inch of your body. This will leave skin super soft and kissable.Flower SoakLast but not least, grab a good book and finish the night off with a detoxifying floral soak. The Egyptian Flower Bath Soak is a perfect aromatic floral soak, sure to soothe muscles, relax your mind and leave skin soft and refreshed. Fill tub about halfway and pour 3 handfuls of bath salts into it. Hold your hand under the faucet to let the salts fall into the tub. This will ensure that the fragrance of the bath salts combines with the steam. By the time you finish this soak you will not even remember you spent the day alone.Happy Valentines Day Lovers!