Are Shower Filters Worth the Cash or Not?

The beauty world has been all over this new trend of filtering your shower water. The question is whether this new craze is worth the money and effort or just another fad.We filter the water we drink because we know we do not want harmful chemicals and contaminants IN our bodies, so why would we want them ON our bodies? Our skin is our largest organ, and though it is designed to filter out the bad stuff, it’s not impenetrable. In addition, the residue that sits on top can be damaging to your natural glow.Here at Aini Organix we are all about keeping that glow whether the sun is shining or not, so here are a few reasons why we believe filtering your shower water is a great investment.BacteriaAlthough our water is typically treated before it’s piped into our homes, the treatment is to kill infectious bacteria. The water suppliers are not worried about the bacteria that may clog your pores and damage your hair.  Even if a lot of the microbes are pulled out, think about all the bacteria and mold that is not just in your pipes, but also in your shower head.  All that gunk flows straight out your pipes and straight into your pores. Shower filtering pulls a lot of these organisms out and prevents acne on not just your face, but your body and scalp.Premature AgingOne of the common public water treatments is chlorine. Studies have shown extended chlorine exposure to have similar effects on skin as extended sun exposure.  That means dry wrinkly skin which makes your skin appear to be tired and aged.Rough SkinWe all love that soft supple feel of moisturized skin. Chlorine strips your skin of its natural oils and extended exposure can deplete the oils indefinitely.  Dry scaly skin is not only flaky and unattractive, but it can cause itchiness and irritation.  Whether you have dry skin and eczema or not, in this cool fall weather you want to stay moisturized and filtered water can help make that happen.BreakoutsYour skin spazzing on you the night before a big date is not always caused by clogged pores. You’d be surprised how many things in your water supply that you’re mildly allergic to. Breakouts, redness and inflammation is the skin’s way of forcing out irritants and allergens, so by filtering out allergens you are in turn decreasing the chances of a breakout. Cleaner water will facilitate clearer skin in the long run, especially for the sensitive skin types.Check out a few of our picks for affordable and easy to install shower filters: