5 Major Keys To Maintain Your Summer Glow In The Winter

Winter is coming....Winter weather is the arch nemesis to a supple natural glow. The dry cool winds of this season can easily rob you of your dewy youthful complexion if you’re not mindful. Luckily, the glow gods have blessed us with cheat codes to bring the summer to the winter and reduce drying, chapping and irritation.MoisturizeObviously.  The key here is to avoid moisturizers made with petroleum and opt for oil-based over water-based such as the Botanical Skin Conditioner.  Moisturize no more than 60 seconds after a shower while slightly damp to seal in moisture. Also, never sleep without your nightly serum. Sleep hours are when your body restores hair, skin and nails and that’s prime time to treat the damage your skin faced throughout the day.ShoweringAs great as it may feel, those hellishly hot 🔥 showers are not glow-friendly and increase dryness. Turn the temp down to lukewarm and keep your showers as short as possible.CleansingThis is absolutely not the time to use your most aggressive cleanser.  If you aren’t too oily, ditch the face wash all together and use a cleansing toner instead. If the thought of going soap-free scares you, start by finding a gentle moisturizing face wash. Avoid ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid and look for moisturizing ingredients like aloe and glycerin.HydrateDrinking plenty of water is more crucial to your glow than exfoliation, detox masks, peels or any $200 facial. It is literally the best thing you can do for your skin and keeps your skin cells plump and supple.Hydration can also come through foods by eating fruits and vegetables. A daily green smoothie is a great way to treat skin from the inside out.ExfoliationUnderneath dry weathered skin is almost always a bright, glowy complexion. Slough off the external layer with a good bi-weekly exfoliation session. For dryer skin use an oil-based exfoliator followed by a moisturizing face wash and for oilier complexions use a soap-based scrub followed by a oil-balancing toner and moisturizer. DO NOT OVER EXFOLIATE and you can reference this lovely post if you’re wondering if you’re ODing.So happy to give you the gift of GLOW! Happy Holidays!