4 Skin Saving Habits We’re Doing Post-25

I recently had a conversation with my mother about anti-aging and mature skincare. She mentioned that she wishes that she had started teaching my sisters and I about skincare when we were around the age of 16 so we could have developed good habits while our skin was still young and fresh. To be honest, at 16 you’re more concerned about your crush playing connect-the-dots with all your acne than you are about maintaining a youthful glow. Even if she had tried to teach us, I highly doubt we would have absorbed any of the tips. However, with age comes wisdom and as I approach my lateish-20’s I have decided that I owe it to myself to pour more time and energy into this glow with these 4 habits.We’re wearing Sunscreen Every Time We Leave the HouseThe sun is always out everywhere. Even dark clouds can not protect you from the harmful damaging rays of the sun, so you must make sure to always protect yourself. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests you apply sunscreen after your moisturizer has dried and waiting 15 minutes for it to absorb before being in the sun. Protecting your skin not only reduces wrinkles, but it also prevents hyperpigmentation and age spots.We’re Being Mindful of What We Put in Our BodiesAround age 25, most of us have slowed down on the constant turn-ups every weekend. We’ve decreased the amount of alcohol we consume and we all know smoking cigarettes does not make us look any cooler. All that will automatically upgrade your glow, but you can take it to the next level by molding your diet around better skin. Green food is always good for a healthy youthful glow. Kale, green tea and spinach are a few that have potent vitamins for your skin. Avoiding reactive foods such as sugar, nuts, soy and dairy also can promote a vibrant complexion. Finally, water is your best friend. You want those skin cells to be hydrated, plump and perky so get in ALL 8 glasses every single day.We’re Moisturizing… A LOTDry skin tends to wrinkle and carry lines while supple skin exudes energy and youth.  The best way to prevent that aged look is to keep your skin cells moisturized. Develop a night time routine that involves both treating your skin with a moisturizing serum and sealing the treatment with a hydrating moisturizer. And it’s not just your face that needs to stay moist. Hands and feet need love too and keeping them hydrated is equally as important to maintaining that youthful look.We’re Not Stressing About the Things We Can Not ChangeHave you ever noticed how happy people tend to glow? Let go and let God. Frowning causes wrinkles as does overthinking, overstressing and overextending. Growing up comes with many lessons. There will be heartbreaks, failures, rejections and a lot of hard times. Use these lessons to grow and be thankful for the opportunity to mature. Life is too beautiful and too short to have bad skin. So, let go of unhappiness and things beyond your control.