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The Truth About Coconut Oil

When it comes to coconut oil there tends to not really be a middle ground. Either you love it or you hate it. You have the coconut oil advocates who cook with it, douse their scalp with it and lather their body from head to toe with it and then you have the non-believers who swear its too heavy and greasy and some even have attested the magical oil to clogging their pores!

I will say that here at Aini Organix we LOVE coconut oil and we are here to not only celebrate the amazingness of this beautiful nectar, but to also address all the claims made against it.

Coconut Oil Will Make My Oily Skin Even More Oily

Now this is a valid and quite common concern. Oily skin is a pain when you want your face to stay beat, particularly during these hot summer months. In addition, studies have linked excess oil on skin to mild-moderate acne. So it is intuitive to believe that applying excess oil to oily skin will only increase acne, but the opposite is actually true. It's basic chemistry: like dissolves like. So in other words oil dissolves oil. If you have oily skin whether it's from hormones, stress, diet or simply genetics, a water-based cleanser is not enough sis. You need to get in there with some coconut oil and do a pre-cleansing oil pull. Our Botanical Skin Conditioner is perfect for just that. Rub a dime sized amount into your face and follow it with a healthy squirt of the Black Soap Foaming Facial Cleanser and watch your oil production become more balanced over time.

Coconut Oil Is Too Heavy For The Summer

It's all about application. We've gotten so accustomed to these water based moisturizers that we often times over apply and are not patient with the gentle natural oils. For starters virgin coconut oil dissolves at 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so you want to start by warming it up in your hands or applying it fresh out the shower. Secondly, a little bit goes a long way. You'll need half the amount compared to a fractionated or water based moisturizer. Also you have to be sure to massage it in gently and give it a minute to completely absorb before applying makeup or clothing over it. Follow these steps and you won't even notice it's there.

Coconut Oil Causes Acne

For the most part, acne is a result of your immune system attempting to kill bacteria trapped in a pore. Obviously keeping your pores as open as possible helps with preventing the clogging, and in that respect coconut oil, a highly comedogenic (pore-clogging) oil, would seem like a bad option. But it also has highly anti-bacterial/anti-microbial properties, great for killing acne causing bacteria. A dime-sized amount applied to super clean skin will aid in acne combat.Long story short, this oil is pure skin ✨ magic ✨. Everyone's skin is different and it's important to figure out what works specifically for you. I highly suggest experiencing coconut oil for yourself before writing it off. 

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