Skin Positivity


Today I decided to take a break from my normal skin-nerd blogging to blog about something that’s on my heart.


Working in the beauty industry, I spend quite a bit of time trying to develop products to help people feel good about their skin. I think what I do is important and necessary, and I feel blessed to be able to help people in this way. However, there is nothing more important than loving the skin you’re in. Regardless of scarring, imperfections or complexion. I want you to celebrate how God fashioned every single skin cell to be perfect just for you.


Often the media tells us the perfect skin tone is not too dark and its not too fair. We see it on TV, we hear it in the media, and we read it in the magazines. As a young brown-skinned girl it was a constant uphill battle trying to build confidence in a world that did not celebrate my complexion. I can say today I truly love my chocolate skin, but it is still EX-HAUS-TING when I see “skin-whitening” products marketed towards people of color. Its frustrating to see your skin constantly referred to as a mistake that needs to be corrected. Never ever will you guys see me tag a lightening product or procedure “corrective”. There is nothing incorrect about your melanin.


Teenage acne can be another constant struggle in today’s world of airbrushing and photoshop. Skincare companies have designed marketing schemes around making you feel insecure and uncomfortable with normal teenage hormonal changes. They want you to spend all your money on products that truthfully can’t help you at your age.  Practice good hygiene live a healthy lifestyle and refer to PROFESSIONALS for advice. 80% of teens experience acne and a lot of times with time and patience you’ll grow out of it.

Real skin has pores. There is no such thing as a pore eraser treatment. Real skin has dips and bumps and no one has perfectly smooth, even skin. There is no topical product that will get rid of bags under your eyes. There is nothing wrong with having dark lips or ears or knees. Lip plumping glosses are cool, but God already made your lips perfect. 

And I want to be clear, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH INVESTING IN YOUR SKIN. Hell, I have a whole company that depends on this very idea. There is nothing wrong with getting a product to fix a blemish, iron out a wrinkle, fade a stretch mark or whatever else you want to do. Just please please PLEASE know. You are perfect with or without it.

Here’s to the clear skin, the pimples, the dark marks, the dark circles, the freckles, the redness, the chocolate, the olive, the fair, the fresh faces, the beat faces and everything in between. There’s nothing more beautiful than that glorious skin you live in.


Stay Inside and Be Safe,














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