Skin Detox 101: Tips to resetting a Dimmed-out Glow

This past month has been a mess for my skin. From all the birthday debauchery of greasy food and alcohol to the Valentine’s Day wine and chocolate, to the piles of makeup I’ve been wearing (and sleeping in) for all these events, my glow has suffered. Sometimes, before you can move forward you have to hit the reset button to facilitate a natural self-correction of your skin. These simple steps will detox your skin and allow a natural glow to shine back through.


Hygiene is very important when it comes to skincare.There are so many pore-clogging germs that instigate reactions and breakouts, so a proper reset should involve getting all surfaces that may carry germs clean. Phones harbor a lot of microbes. Wipe them off and try to use a headset as often as possible. Wash all your sheets, towels and pillowcases with the hottest water possible. Clean makeup brushes and beauty blender with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Also, make sure hair stays as clean as possible, particularly if you have a bang or any other type of hair that falls in your face.


Sloughing off damaged skin encourages cell regeneration and opens pores. Look for a scrub with detoxifying ingredients such as grapefruit, charcoal, seaweed and mint. Make sure whatever tool you are using to exfoliate has been freshly sterilized with hot water and antibacterial soap.


Masking is the easiest way to purify skin. It’s quick and one of the few treatments that can be done while eat, reading a book or watching tv. You can use a detoxifying mask mixed with distilled water or you can even take it up a notch using the 1-1-1 rule. Mix 1 tablespoon of your favorite clay, with 1 teaspoon of a liquid and 1 drop of an essential oil. You can double, triple or even quadruple the recipe if you want to, but I like to make as little mask as possible to prevent long drying times or wasted mask.

Detox Diet

Working on your glow from the inside out is also a great addition to your detox. The first thing you want to do is drink as much  water as you can. 8 glasses a day is usually a great way to start but even more is betterGreen tea, fresh vegetables, fruits and wild caught fish are all very skin happy foods.Spending a week avoiding reactive foods will also play a major role in resetting and purging out the bad foods that may be causing break outs. Some commonly reactive foods are: Wheat/Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Alcohol, Sugar, SaltI rarely guarantee things, but I guarantee following these tips will take your glow to the next level.

Happy Detoxing 😊




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